Platform: Windows PC
Genre: First Person 3D Space Combat Simulation

  Arvoch Alliance is a mission based single player and multiplayer 3D space combat simulation. You can take on the single player campaign, launch into instant action missions, join other players in Coop or PvP multiplayer objectives, or even design your own missions and campaigns. The single player campaign will take you through the battles and events that eventually lead up to the liberation of the Evochron quadrant. You are in command as the story develops through 30 missions of diverse objectives spanning a variety of locations ranging from dense sensor restricting nebula clouds to hurricane force gas giant planet atmospheres. You will be called upon to patrol, escort, mine, spy, capture, rescue, and even build space stations. Each mission begins with a stage based briefing that reviews the conditions and objectives along with a loadout menu that lets you select the ships for your flight group along with the weapon and equipment configuration of the ship you fly. You must formulate an effective strategy both before you launch and during the mission as events unfold and conditions change. You command your team with a series of available directives for attacking, defending, holding at a position, regrouping, and repairing/reloading. The available Tactical Console lets you monitor the status of all ships in sensor range to help aid you in making the decision on which orders to give and to which ships under your command.

  Arvoch Alliance features advanced space combat action with realistic Newtonian style physics (which includes optional computer assistance for easier flight control), variable input support for a wide range of flight control devices (including HOTAS controllers and up to 10 simultaneous devices), extensive HUD and display systems to aid in real-time tactical decision making, diverse weapon and equipment options, adaptive AI skill/tactics, different environment conditions, multiple target selection options and subsystem tracking, extensive pilot view control (including TrackIR), and a 'cone-of-vulnerability' based auto-aiming weapon system along with defensive options including a proximity based countermeasure system and heat signature factor. The game provides many ways for players to develop their skillsets and expand their tactics to keep gameplay fresh and challenging. Arvoch Alliance offers space combat gameplay beyond the basic arcade point-and-shoot with guns blazing attacks and advances it to a more immersive balance of zero-G strafe drifting and pre-planned maneuvering to achieve the optimal attack and evasion opportunities. Players can utilize a wide array of tactics and options ranging from simple to complex.


  • 3 Single Player Gameplay Modes - Campaign, Custom Campaign, and Instant Action. The Campaign features 30 missions of diverse objectives including escorting, spying, planet surface strikes and recovery, rescuing, capturing, mining, and building. The Custom Campaign mode lets players load missions they design using the mission editor. The Instant Action mode creates a randomly generated combat mission.

  • 4 Multiplayer Gameplay Modes - Cooperative Campaign, Dogfight, Squadrons, and Strike. The Cooperative Campaign mode lets players join together to complete the game's built-in campaign. The Dogfight mode is a battle for survival with all players hostile to each other. The Squadrons mode is a team-vs-team battle that lets players choose which side they will fight for. The Strike mode is also a team-vs-team battle, but it adds a command ship for each team to defend. The first team to destroy the opposing team's command ship wins. The host can define a kill limit or a time limit for the latter 3 modes and can add AI controlled ships to fill in empty player slots. The multiplayer mode also lets players quickly set up battle scenarios to play on their own using the mission options available to the host.

  • Advanced Order/Command System - Lead your squadron(s) by issuing commands to specific groups or individual ships using the mouse driven command interface (optional key and button bindings are also available). Give orders to attack, defend, join formation, hold at a particular location you select, or reload, repair, and refuel. Giving the right orders at the right time may often be critical to victory. Your ability to plan and lead can be just as important as your skill in combat.

  • Player Controlled Ship Selection And Configuration - Your command authority puts you in charge of which ships your flight group will use during most missions as well as what weapon and equipment configuration your ship will have. A simple drag-n-drop interface lets you quickly select ships and a loadout configuration prior to each mission.

  • Diverse and Interactive Environments - Descend into planets from space, travel through dense nebula clouds, fight the powerful winds of a gas giant, balance the pull of a high gravity star, navigate clusters of asteroids, and battle it out in the no-excuses realm of open space. Arvoch Alliance features several environments that can impact ship performance, fuel use, weapon availability, visibility, sensor range, and more.

  • Extensive Target Selection and Tracking Systems - Monitor the conditions of the battle with the Tactical Console and select ships for orders or targeting right from the console menu. Select targets by mouse clicking on them or use the proximity, gunsight, and list selection options. Track a target's missile count, particle and beam weapon types, speed, shield status, hull and subsystem damage, and even its trajectory with motion ladders.

  • Wide Array of Space Combat Systems and Options - Control and manage a range of elements related to space combat including heat signature management, shield array management, energy management, weapon selection spanning three classes, automatic and manual aiming factors, 2D and 3D radar modes, full three rotation axis and three direction axis Newtonian style physics, detailed instrumentation (including six velocity gauges, flight path markers, compass, and pitch ladder), multiple counter measure options, and target specification/status scanning.

  • Realistic Newtonian Style Physics Model - Utilize the flight tactics available with the inertial physics system that lets you drift freely and perform maneuvers such as high speed strafe passes and flipping around to fire at a target while flying backwards. Use the afterburner for quick speed and course changes while manually controlling the hull thrusters for additional adjustments. An optional Inertial Dampening System (IDS) is available to help keep flight control easier to manage.

  • Detailed 3D Cockpit and Instrumentation - The first person perspective pilot view offers an in-scene 3D cockpit that moves and responds to control input and impacts for a realistic sense of being in the ship itself. A helmet visor based Heads-Up-Display (HUD) renders important information that matches the pilot's view and is center focused. As much information as feasible is displayed on the central HUD gunsight and directly on the target being tracked for quick information gathering and situational awareness. Players who prefer an unobstructed view can optionally turn off the 3D cockpit, leaving only the HUD and displays.

  • New Graphics Engine and Effects - From explosion blast waves to massive capital ships breaking apart in pieces, the new graphics engine provides a much higher level of detail and many new special effects. The new graphics engine is heavily shader based and includes normal, specular, and emmissive details for ships, stations, and other objects.

  • Event and Time Driven Missions - The new mission structure allows for in-game dialogues, ship departures, ambushes, and other timed events to occur. Players can even design their own dynamic campaigns in branching mission structures (where victory or defeat determines the next course of the campaign) using the optional mission editor.

  • New Music and Sound Effects - Dynamic music system (with music by Rich Douglas). The music changes with the level of hostility around you.

  • Diverse and Flexible Control Options - Supports keyboard, mouse, gamepad, and joystick flight control. Use the control device you prefer to play the game. The game supports up to 10 simultaneous control devices with up to 40 buttons each.

  • Full Support for TrackIR - Natural Point's TrackIR 3D head control system lets the player manage the viewpoint from the cockpit with all six degrees of movement.

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