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Played the demo and ready for more?
Get ready for the complete game with many new options to enjoy.

Click here to buy Arvoch Alliance now
(get the full game for only $19.95)

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Get the full game without having to download anything else!
The full game adds this and much more:

- Enjoy unlimited single player and multiplayer gameplay -
- Get access to all ship types and their new design possibilities -
- Continue from where you left off in the demo, no need to start over -
- Enhance your ship further with powerful new weapons and equipment -
- Lead larger squadrons into much bigger battles with greater challenges -
- Take on new objectives including spying, capturing, rescuing, and building -
- Join other players for cooperative objectives and player-vs-player combat -
- Launch into random Instant Action battles for rapid fire combat action -
- Design and import your own custom mission and campaign scenarios -

Get ready for the full version of Arvoch Alliance!

Play the full game in a variety of new single player and multiplayer modes including Custom Campaign, Instant Action, Cooperative Campaign, Dogfight, and Squadrons. Join with up to 24 other players for multiplayer action or fly with computer controlled ships.

Lead your flight group through a variety of interactive environments from dense nebula clouds to powerful atmospheric winds. Skim stars, navigate asteroids, and descend into planets. Manage changes in gravity, ship performance, visibility, and sensor range.

Configure your ship with far more powerful weapons and equipment. Select new ships for your flight group and command up to five squadrons to achieve victory. Earn higher rank for more prestige by winning missions and surviving combat engagements.

Design and import your own custom missions and campaigns using the stand alone editor and/or simple text file scripting system. Create challenging battle scenarios, spy missions, resource recovery objectives, station construction, and much more.

A registration key will be sent by e-mail which will convert the demo into the full game. No additional download is needed. The key is usually received within a few minutes or few hours at most after a payment has been finalized, depending on time of day, payment method, and speed/reliability of the e-mail service used for the order. You can also pay by check, cashier's check, wire transfer, and fax, just click on the order link above and select a payment method other than credit card. Once you have the key, enter it when prompted by the game to acquire the full version. You may also receive the official SW3DG newsletter periodically to inform you of updates to the game
(you can opt-out at any time, subscribe/unsubscribe options are available at the newsletter page).

By purchasing the full version of Arvoch Alliance, you are helping to support the future development of this and other games. We appreciate your order and hope you enjoy playing Arvoch Alliance!
Thank you!

Click here to buy Arvoch Alliance now
(get the full game for only $19.95)

Buy Now

You can also use PayPal
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