Useful programs for creating and editing mods...

Custom mods, stories, and artwork based on the Evochron / Arvoch universe.

Useful programs for creating and editing mods...

Postby Vice » Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:24 pm

This post is to help others with finding useful tools in creating and editing mods for SW3DG games. These are programs that I use, so they are generally directly compatible with the various media formats used in my games.

Here is a link to the customizing kit itself for Evochron Legacy: ... readme.htm

For image editing (PNG, JPG, BMP, etc):
NeoPaint for Windows -
Paint Shot Pro - ... ageCode=en

For image compiling/compressing to DDS:
The Compressonator - ... fault.aspx

For sound editing and creation:
GoldWave -

For in-game screenshot, video, and audio recording:

For 3D modeling:
Metasequoia -

For quickly applying normals to models and UV editing:
Lithunwrap - ... or-Windows
Commercial version (now named Ultimate Unwrap 3D):

Video production and editing:
Vegas Movie Studio -
StarWraith 3D Games |
3D Space Flight and Combat Simulations
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Useful programs for creating and editing mods...

Postby Misunderstood Wookie » Mon Mar 21, 2016 8:36 am

Texture Compression & Texture Maps
Nvidia .DDS Import/Export for Photoshop - ... -photoshop (Use 64bit plugin for Creative Cloud!)
MindTex 2 - ... &entryid=2 (Not Freeware)

DirectX (.X) Mesh Viewer -
Blender -

Text Editors
Sublime Text - (My Personal Fav for coding)
Notepad++ - (Recommend over Win Notpad)

Image Editing
GIMP - (Best Freeware Editor)
Photoshop CC - ... 21083345:s (commercial tool)
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