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Download the Evochron Mercenary Demo (158 MB):
Click here to download the demo from MODDB
Click here to download the demo from gamershell.com
Click here to download the demo from DropBox

System Requirements Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1
Processor 2.0 GHz AMD/Intel 2.4 GHz or faster multi-core AMD/Intel
Video Card 256 MB DirectX compatible * 512 MB or more DirectX compatible *
RAM 3 GB (1.5 GB available) 4 GB or more
Hard Drive Space 1 GB 3 GB or more **
Internet/Network for multiplayer 128K DSL 512K DSL or LAN ***

* Dedicated video memory exclusively, shared memory is not supported.
Shader model 2.0 minimum required, older shader models not supported.
** Recommended for improved planet detail update peformance and faster loading.
*** Recommended for hosting multiplayer sessions with more than a few players.


Download the Evochron Mercenary Server Program (3.8 MB)
The server program lets a host manage a multiplayer game without having to run the
entire game and can save player-built stations as part of the server's unique universe.

Important: Any time you update the server program, always make sure to back up your
text2.dat file -before- installing the update. You can simply open the file in notepad before running
the installer, run the installer, then save the file. Or you can copy it to another location,
run the installer, then restore the file from the backup location. This will preserve your
settings since the installer will put the original default file back in place.

The default configuration of the program is for Direct IP and LAN sessions. If you are
interested in running a long term publically listed server, contact SW3DG by e-mail and attach
your text2.dat file (configured and tested via direct IP) for details on using the
listing system and adding your server.

Download the Voice Chat Test program (2.2 MB)
This program lets you hear the output from your microphone to adjust the volume/gain
for the game's multiplayer voice chat system. Press and hold Numpad-Enter to test.

Download the Evochron Mercenary Customizing Kit (1.7 MB)
This kit provides instructions and several sample files to help in customizing and modifying various
graphics/textures, sound, music, and text of the game. Open the included ReadMe.txt file for details.

Download the Spanish Text and Graphics Translation for Evochron Mercenary (32 MB)
These files translate the game's text and some of the graphics into Spanish. Installation instructions are included.

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