SW3DG Contact Information

Technical Support and General Inquiries,
If you are requesting technical support, please follow the steps here to provide a msinfo report on your system as needed. Please keep in mind that at times, I may receive a huge volume of e-mail and it can take quite a long time for me to get through it all. It may also not be practical for me to answer all of them, especially if an answer/solution is already available on the forum or in a game's included instructions. So it's best to first utilize a game's FAQ, its included instructions, and the forum's technical support section before requesting support directly from me as you may get a faster answer that way.

For Order Status Inquiries
For orders placed through ShareIt and Steam you will need to contact those resellers directly to check on the status of your order. As the developer, I am not provided with details on the status of pending orders through those resellers. If you ordered through PayPal directly, you can use the e-mail address above for order support. Keys are generally sent immediately once a payment has been finalized. Some e-mail services automatically block e-mails with links in them or route the e-mail to a spam folder. Make sure your e-mail settings will allow the registration e-mail to arrive and be sure to check any spam folder you may have before requesting order support.

To contact ShareIt for order support, visit their customer care center here: http://www.shareit.com/ccc/

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