StarWraith 3D Games
What Makes SW3DG Space-Sims Different

Unique Benefits and Support
- Broad compatibility
- Direct download availability
- Single file installation and update system
- Technical support directly from the developer
- Player feedback based development
- Features beyond the mainstream
- Free multiplayer in full games
- Option to backup to CD or DVD
- Diverse control options
- Free updates
- Low prices
Free of the Drawbacks and Compromises
- No repeating subscription or service fees
- No 'download insurance' or shipping fees
- No resource consuming ad/updating services
- No hidden external driver/program copy protection
- No unstoppable cut scenes or splash screens
- No 'disc in drive' CD/DVD key requirements
- No 'microtransactions' for in-game items
- No extreme system requirements
- No ads in the games you buy
- No spyware
- No adware

Here are some details on the benefits of SW3DG PC games:

Broad Compatibility - Plays well on just about any system built in the last several years, no need to have the latest $500 3D video card just to play a game well. The games run well and look good on average system configurations, frequently using unique techniques to achieve impressive graphics and special effects on moderate 3D hardware.

Unique Gameplay - Features like real time trade negotiating, multiple target tracking, and seamless planetary descents are just a few of the many unique gameplay features found in the games here.

Player Feedback Based Development - Requests and suggestions from players can determine future changes for the games. The design and features of games like Evochron Mercenary are the result of several years of feedback from players.

Independently Developed - No publishing deadlines or publisher design limitations/conditions allows development to be based on feedback from players and take as long as needed until a game is ready.

First Person Perspective - No forced remote controlling of your ship to reduce the immersion, you are in the action complete with a 3D cockpit and Heads-Up-Display.

Complete Control Options - Full support for keyboard, mouse, and joystick/gamepad flight control. No forced control device type limitations.

More Player Interaction - Control planetary descents, combat, and docking. No haulting of gameplay just to watch a cut scene to descend into a planet or dock with a station. No non-interactive battle sequences, you're in control of your ship and weapons at virtually all times with rare exceptions.

Direct Support From the Person Who Created the Game - If there is a problem or question, there is no better person to correspond with than the individual who actually put the game together. This helps provide accuracy in answers to your questions, a quick response time, and a direct line of communication with the person who is in control of any future changes or enhancements to the game.

Small Downloads - Using extensive compression and media optimization, download size is generally less than 250 MB, offering faster downloads and software updates.

Easy Update and Installation System - The installers also work as patches to update older versions of a game to the latest version.

Try Before You Buy - Free trial versions are available for every game. This lets you try the game before buying it to insure system compatibility and to make sure you enjoy the game before you commit to buy it.

Thank you for supporting my efforts:
Your support helps future game development, which is entirely self-funded. Future game projects are a possibility only if it remains feasible to continue. If you like what you see and want more, buying one of these games directly helps provide the necessary time and resources to develop new games and updates for current games. Your purchase does make a big impact on my ability to work on these space-sim projects. I am the programmer as well as an artist, 3D modeller, musician, audio technician, marketing person, website designer, and technical support person for these games. As you can probably tell, it consumes a lot of my time and resources. I appreciate your order and will strive to provide PC games with excellent value and gameplay enjoyment along with top notch support. I hope you enjoy playing these games and future titles to come! Thank you!

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