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May 2013 Newsletter
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Here is the newsletter for May 2013. This newsletter will help bring you up to speed on what has taken place since the last newsletter as well as the latest news on Arvoch Alliance and Evochron Mercenary.

Newsletter Sections
Evochron Mercenary
Arvoch Alliance

Wow, so it's really been almost two years since the last newsletter. A lot has happened in that time, including a new expansion for Evochron Mercenary and several updates for Arvoch Alliance. I have been collecting feedback and continually working on new options, features, graphics, and potential changes. Evochron has taken several significant leaps in recent months and it is finally approaching the stage where I feel it is the game I originally envisioned creating nearly a decade ago. Some of its new features had strong interest and requests from the players, such as the all-new weapon lab that lets you design and build your own custom cannons and missiles. Others have been more incremental improvements/changes, such as the new planet engine with larger planet sizes and far greater detail levels, revised cockpit, and new ship models. And a few others were mostly just options I wanted to add to my game, such as the terrain walkers.

It took a few years of hard work to complete the expansion, but I haven't stopped since its release either. The game has received many updates to further enhance its capabilities, graphics, and options. I'm definitely feeling the effects of working extremely long hours day and night (my health has had its stress related struggles), but it's been a joy to continue to develop and improve the game over these last few years. I am very grateful for the encouragement and support the community has shown during these extremely challenging development times. Thank you!

With the finalizing of many of the game's planned features taking place in recent updates, I am now drafting plans for what I may want to do next. Whether continuing the Evochron series or starting a new direction, I haven't yet decided. For now, I plan to continue supporting and working on the current games while considering what project(s) may be in store for the future. I will be taking many factors into consideration, including time spent away from my family, what my work schedule has done to my health over the years, what technological advancements and changes are coming about in the near future, and what kind of game I may want to do next.

A significant change related to the newsletter is the migration of notifications from the original mailing list to Twitter. So if you want to receive a 'tweet' when a new newsletter becomes available, simply follow SW3DG via the Twitter link at the top or bottom of this newsletter. An announcement will also be posted on the forum.

That's all for this introduction. Enjoy the newsletter and keep flying!

Advanced Freeform 3D Space Combat, Trading, Racing, and Exploration Simulation

In December, Evochron Mercenary received an expansion update bringing with it an extensive collection of new features, options, and a higher level of technology. The expansion updates the version numbers to '2.X' and can be installed over an older version of the game. If you haven't installed the expansion already, have the reference ID and key for your license to the game handy as it will prompt you to enter them when launching the new version of the game for the first time. The expansion is free for players who bought the 1.X version of the game.

For a quick summary of what the expansion adds to the game along with a FAQ, you can visit the changelog page here:

And for the latest news on updates since the expansion (and there have already been many), visit the official news page on the game's website here:


With the expansion recently released, Evochron Mercenary has received a number of significant improvements, options, and changes. So a new series of videos have been produced to provide information on the new options available as well as updating them for the new graphics and physics systems. Here are the new videos now available on YouTube:

Training Video 1: Ship Control and Physics

Training Video 2: Navigation and System Travel

Training Video 3: Inventory Management and Trading

Training Video 4: Contracts and Missions

Training Video 5: Shipyard and Weapon Lab

Training Video 6: Deploying and Building

Training Video 7: Mining and Terrain Walkers

Training Video 8: Spacecraft Combat Systems and Space Combat Maneuvering (SCM)


DaveK has revised his technical guide for the expansion version of the game. His guide is an excellent resource of information on the technology in the game including space folding jump drives, weapons, engines, shield systems, stealth technology, and much much more. An introduction to the guide that includes chapter topics along with the link to download the guide is available here:

'Over the Hill' Custom Quest by SeeJay

SeeJay has been producing a new quest entitled 'Over the Hill' for the game featuring an original story and an array of objectives, hints, and historical background details. Here is an introduction from SeeJay himself:

”Over The Hill”
I got this crazy idea of creating a kind of quest for EM since I just love the game. I had some thoughts about a story taking place in the Evochron Universe but realized that I'm really bad at writing stories.

I asked someone who is extremely good at this in my opinion, if he wanted to write a story for my quest idea, and he accepted the invitation to create this great adventure story.

In the story, there are some clues to where you need to travel in EM. When you have figured out the position, you need to take off and do a space journey to that location, completing tasks on the way.

To be able to read/fly this great story, you need to download the Quest file on my website and install it in your default EM directory.
Release date will be published in the official game forum. Link to the website:

Zero hour minus 10 minutes.
Bossk's thoughts jumped back into the present. His voice was calm "Helmets on!" There was a flurry of activity as the visored helmets were seated onto suit seals and connections to oxygen recyclers and electronic systems were checked.

Pneumatic systems hissed as restraining arms swung down and pressed them gently but firmly into their seats.

Bossk's voice again, this time directly into the helmet comm system "System check and count off"

"Three secure - all systems on the line"

"Four glued in, everything's lookin' good"

"Five OK on all systems"

"Six ready . . . fully"

"Seven OK good to go"

"Eight frosty" A short pause

"Team fully secure . . .

we're good to go, BA" KA reported.

"Brace for manoeuvres " - that to the team " . . .

OK, TBird take us away." this to the pilot of AS-1

"Roger ET-1 Leader . . . Flight Control, this is "Pathmaker" . . . jump in ten"

Zero hour.
AS-1 accelerated towards the loading door and TBird engaged the jump drive even before AS-1 had cleared the hull. It reappeared three sectors out from the station, and jumped again as soon as the jump drive recharged. Within a couple of seconds of the ship exiting its jump, KA activated two shield charge packs to recharge the storage capacitors and hit the stealth generator. Fully stealthed, AS-1 headed for the ingress point on the lower section of the station. Going inertial, TBird swung the ship belly first, leaving braking thrusters to the last moment. KA switched on the shield neutralisation generator causing a hole a little larger than the entry tube to appear in the stations shield matrix. AS-1 continued slowing and the entry tube attached to its belly touched the station hull with a soft thump. Magnetic grapples locked AS-1 to the station. Magnetic grapples built into the end of the tube plus a tough adhesive layer made an airtight seal holding the tube permanently to the station. ET-1 moved out of their seats and stood ready.

EDUCATIONAL AND FUN: This quest has the original IMG quest included, with a twist!

Hints on how to handle your ship is given throughout the story to aid new players and help them enjoy the story and learn the game at the same time.

Experienced players will have a challenge as well, and the reading will be great fun. “Old” Legendary players are included as a tribute to what they have contributed to the game and community.

We hope you'll all have as much fun as we had creating it. SeeJay and the Dev Team.

Travel Buddy by Marvin

For players who plan ahead and/or explore deep space, Marvin has developed a companion program to aid in plotting multi-sector trips. Here is more:

The Travel Buddy is a small C# program which provides: (1) range to destination, (2) estimated time en route, and (3) expected fuel consumption to pilots journeying long distances across the Evoverse. The executable program (TravelBuddy.exe) will not install anything on your computer. It's a stand-alone program running under .NET Framework 4.0 or higher.

Additional information and instructions are available in Marvin's forum post here:

And you can download the program directly here:

Voice Command System by Galaxian

Galaxian has produced a VAC (Voice Activated Command) profile for the game. This system lets you control various functions in the game using your voice. Details and the profile are available in the forum thread here:

Getting Started with Modding and Customizing

If you are interested in modding and customizing, this forum post provides links to several useful programs for creating and editing media:

Forum link:


Evochron Mercenary has been through a number of updates since the release of the expansion. Details on improvements in the updates are available in the news section at the game's official website and the latest build, now at version 2.488, is available in the downloads section.

Use this link to download the game:

The game's official website is:

First Person Squadron Based Tactical 3D Space Combat Simulation

Arvoch Alliance has had several updates since its release two years ago. Details on improvements in the updates are available in the news section at the game's official website and the latest build, now at version 1.788, is available in the downloads section.

Use this link to download the game:

The game's official website is:


Star Wraith 4: Reviction Remake by AdamSelene

AdamSelene is starting a remake project of Star Wraith 4 using the Arvoch Alliance game engine and custom mission options. Details are available in the forum thread here:


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