NOTE: Read This Before Posting...

For help with SW3DG game related technical problems or configuring/optimizing your computer for the games.

NOTE: Read This Before Posting...

Postby Vice » Tue Apr 28, 2009 1:24 am

This forum is for technical support issues for SW3DG games only. If you have a question about how something works or if something is available for one of the games, you'll need to post in one of the other forums. If you have a general question about hardware or software not related to a SW3DG game, you'll need to post in the 'General' forum.

Before requesting assistance in this forum, make sure to review the instructions that come with the game (especially the 'Technical Notes' section) as well as previous posts on this forum. Here are some useful links on various topics:

Search the forum first before posting a request for technical support. Many issues have already been addressed and resolved in another thread. Here are some links to information on common issues:

For backing up settings and save data: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=3433

For solutions to crashes in a game: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=6595

For optimizing system performance: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=2431

When posting in the support section of the forum, please follow these guidelines:

- Include the name and version of the game you are requesting support for in the subject (in brackets is good, example: [EM 1.808] for Evochron Mercenary version 1.808). So an example subject heading might look something like this:

[EM 1.808] Game stops loading at 98%...

- Include relevant system specifications:
- Version of Windows
- Installed memory (RAM)
- 3D video card make, model, and driver version
- Sound card make, model, and driver version (if audio related problem)
- Describe the problem in detail and the steps necessary to duplicate it, if applicable.

Threads/posts that lack a proper subject line and relevant information may be removed.

For direct assistance from Vice (the developer) via e-mail, follow the steps outlined here:

To keep this forum clean and easy to search, duplicate threads regarding the same issues may be merged or removed. Threads that do not conform to the subject format and information requirements listed above may be moved or removed. Threads that do not have follow up posts for results from the poster may be moved to another forum after a certain length of time. The objective of this section of the forum is to report issues and provide solutions for them.

This forum is not for order/registration support. Order and registration support often requires personal information that may not be appropriate for the public forum (such as your name, e-mail address you used to place your order, registration key, etc). Do not post your registration details. If you need order/registration support, contact the reseller you purchased the game from directly or SW3DG by e-mail.
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