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Server details and announcements/events for multiplayer.

Multiplayer Forum - Read First...

Postby Vice » Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:29 pm

This section of the forum is to be used exclusively for posting public server details (for Evochron Legacy servers that are listed using the game's public listing system that is currently available as of this writing) and/or for scheduling arranged online public multiplayer events (either Arvoch Alliance or Evochron Legacy). Please use other forums for other discussions and topics (off-topic threads may be moved or deleted). Here are some suggestions and guidelines for this section of the forum:

- Miscellaneous/general information threads may be available and posted by an administrator or moderator for server operators and/or scheduled events. If so, these will generally be stickied at the top of the forum.

For Arvoch Alliance:

- Since Arvoch Alliance's multiplayer mode has the host managing gameplay as well as participating in the game, it uses a more 'on demand' direct IP multiplayer system without server programs or listing. So you'll simply need to include the IP address and date/times so other players can join the game when the event begins.

- You can delete or lock the thread after the event is finished (or simply request a moderator remove it).

For Evochron Legacy:

- Please only post information for persistent servers you intend to offer 24/7 indefinitely long term. You can also post server details for one you will run for a special event or limited time, just be sure to include dates and times for when it will be available and when it will later be removed from the list (start/stop times).

- For posting server details in this forum, a server must be correctly configured to accept connections from other players over the internet as specified in the instructions and be listed on the in-game server list. If a server is not properly configured and/or is not listed, the announcement thread will generally be removed. Be sure your server is configured correctly, is listed, and can accept players before posting an announcement.

- Threads relating to old servers that are no longer available/listed will generally be locked or removed. If you want to restart a long term server you previously offered, simply start a new thread with the details.

- If you want to post an announcement for your public server in this forum, please provide the following details in roughly the same format:

Server Listing Name: [Name of your server as it will appear in the game's server list, <=14 char]
Server Duration: [long term/persistent, or start and stop dates and times]
Server Location: [continent or whatever level of specificity you prefer]
Maximum Players: [maximum number of players, 2-35, specified in line 952 of the text8.dat config file]
Player Proximity Cap: [5, 7, 10, 12, or no cap, specified in line 505 of the text8.dat config file]
Profile Types Allowed: [multiplayer only or all profiles, specified in line 950 of the text8.dat config file]
Voice Chat Setting: [Off or On, specified in line 958 of the text8.dat config file]
Terrain Detail Settings: [Low, Medium, or High, specified in line 940 of the text8.dat config file]
Player Sector Visibility Mode: [Full, Partial, Off, specified in line 840 of the text8.dat config file]
Simulate Commodity Price Changes Mode: [Off or On, specified in line 890 of the text8.dat config file]
Simulate Economy/Tech Level Changes Mode: [Off or On, specified in line 891 of the text8.dat config file]
Simulate Territory Control Changes Mode: [Off or On, specified in line 892 of the text8.dat config file]
Territory Credit for PvP Kills: [percentage value, specified in line 941 of the text8.dat config file]

System Specifications of Server Computer: [optional]

Rules: [The rules for playing on your server]

[Any other information you would like to provide]
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Re: Multiplayer Forum - Read First...

Postby Marvin » Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:36 pm

The Guild of Independent Merchants (IM) conducts missions every Sunday from noon to 2:00pm, Pacific time. The only exceptions are (1) when the server (Galactica 2) is down (Starbuck will need to post the specifics for his G2 server) or (2) IM is attempting to complete Arvoch Alliance missions.
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