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Anarchium 24/7 Server

Postby Schmidtrock » Fri Sep 22, 2017 1:19 pm

Announcing Anarchium online today!

As the server name implies, Anarchium won't have any set rules on the outset.

This server will be a 24/7 Evochron Legacy environment and all are welcome.

Server Listing Name: Anarchium
Server Status: Public Listing
Server Location: Dallas, TX, USA
Max Players: 35
There is no Password
All profile types are allowed
Voice Chat: Off
Forced Terrain Quality Level: medium
Port TCP: 24888 (Default)
Port UDP: 24889 (Default)
All simulation types: On

Ideas and suggestions are welcome for server ops, setting events etc.

All experience levels are welcome! Be excellent!

I may bring an Evochron Mercenary server online as well if there is interest.

Best regards,

[IND] Schmidtrock
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