[EL] Restoring outer target icon in EL 1.0528

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[EL] Restoring outer target icon in EL 1.0528

Postby Keeper1st » Mon Mar 13, 2017 10:05 pm

With the introduction of bar graphs inside the outer target circle in 1.0528, the target direction arrow was moved to outside the inner circle. I didn't like this as the arrow disappears when the target is inside the outer circle, making for a "jump" in eye sight. So I wanted to move the indicator to the inner edge of the outer circle. I was using the "arrows with tails" textures downloaded from SeeJay's site (though I have altered the "shadow" texture for more sensible opacity levels). Adjusting the values to get the icons displaying fully, I found that the arrowhead actually seems obnoxiously large when located there (see http://www.keeper1st.com/EL/pointwarrow.jpg ). So what I did was to make only the tail of those textures display.

The result is rather nice, I think:

So, if you have those textures, here are the values you need in hud/targetpointer.txt (or download a ready-made example here: http://www.keeper1st.com/EL/targetpointer.txt ) to get this "tails only" effect:

Code: Select all

(and if you want the modified target shadow texture, it's http://www.keeper1st.com/EL/TARGET5shadow.png )
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