Arvoch Alliance 1.988 available...

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Arvoch Alliance 1.988 available...

Postby Vice » Fri Jul 18, 2014 1:20 am

Version 1.988 is available for download. This update includes the following:

- New scaling option added to modification options for 3D radar.
- IDS scale level control can now be mapped to an axis channel input.
- Improved synchronization of station module placements in multiplayer.
- New position options added to modification options for chase view shadows.
- Inertial forward/reverse thruster control can now be mapped to an axis channel input.
- Current selected device now displayed in individual axis channel control mapping menu.
- 3D radar updated to reflect distance as well as direction via blip size scaling based on proximity.
- Rotation input adjusted to provide a more linear result throughout the full range of variable control.
- Positioning of 3D radar and target object display updated for improved positioning and more modification flexibility.
- UI improvements including click range adjustments and exit buttons with mouse over highlighting in various menus.
- Individual axis channels can now be mapped across multiple devices (previously required the complete binding process).
- Option to lock the mouse pointer to the display field during gameplay added to Options menu.
- Widescreen message log placement option added (details available in customizing kit).
- Improved resolution detection systems for initial launch and Game Options menu.
- Alt key maximum and minimum input added to energy bias control system.
- Clearing individual axis channels now limited to selected device only.
- Unused listing system deprecated to support Direct IP exclusively.
- Message log shadow level increased for improved legibility.
- Multiplayer performance improvements.
- New mouse flight control modes added.
- Weapon impact effects reduced.
- Several minor bug fixes.

The installer also works as an updating program for older versions of the game. It can be downloaded at:
StarWraith 3D Games |
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Arvoch Alliance 1.988 available...

Postby _-Caleb-_ » Sat Jul 19, 2014 7:59 am

Wow this is a really BIG update :-D
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