Arvoch Alliance Bug [CLOSED]

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Arvoch Alliance Bug [CLOSED]

Postby _-Caleb-_ » Wed Feb 20, 2013 9:57 pm


I found this bug in the last version of Arvoch, i don't know about vice think release new versions but i put here.

In the Ships / Equipment menu if u chose a Cap Ship and then select a last ships (Firestar to Chimera) and drag to the central zone you have a pretty:

Image Does not exist in line 18998.

********** SPOILER **********

If u select the cap ships and drag the first 6 (Ferret to Evoch-E) ships u can change the cap ship fleet. is this a cheat or one engine glitch? :P

********** SPOILER **********


EDIT: Fixed in V.1.488.

Thanks Vice!

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