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Evochron is simply staggering in terms of mechanics, content and open-ended gameplay... Evochron strives for scientific accuracy and every action you take from within your craft is effected by incredibly well-modeled newtonian physics. All of this means that you go in expecting something akin to Elite: Dangerous and come out a qualified NASA test pilot... Evochron is such a satisfying experience that something as simple as landing your craft on a planet is exciting and tense... Evochron Legacy is a love-letter to the space sim genre and it's a well-received one. The game offers a veritable smorgasbord of options for the player to explore and is probably one of the only games on the market that offer this level of freedom. - GameGrin Review

This is a jaw-droppingly stunning game. Its scope, complexity and stellar ( pun int. ) play make this a standout treasure of a space game. I fully recommend this game. - Steam Member KingCurtofCurtopia

I am coming back to EM from [game name part 1 omitted] Boring [game name part 2 omitted]. EM is just plain FUN! - Jeff

After spending a few days tweaking and getting everything setup, mods installed, voice command software, trak IR, Hotas and Pedals and got it all working yesterday, it was pure bliss. The game might take time figuring things out, but when you do, this game is top notch immersion. After reading this was all done by only one guy, all I can say is my hat is off to you and wish all these other games out there would take notes on what you payed attention to. No its not perfection, but it is a top quality product for the price. A hearty thank you to the developer. - Steam Member Bunks

This game was a pleasant surprise for me. It does deliver on what it promises. Combat is fun and the exploration aspect is great. The graphics are solid. I joined a server online and everything worked fine... Very fun space sandbox game. I recommend. - Steam Member Doob

This game has AMAZING depth and complexity. It's really great, and I love it for the hardships and learning curve because, really guys, the fun is in learning from and overcoming these hardships. After about 40 hours in, I can finally say I'm a competent fighter pilot. And my beautiful Phoenix frame, which took a lot of work and effot to get, is a trophy to remind me of my accomplishments thus far. But I haven't even scratched the surface of what this game has to offer... I strongly recommend this game. - Steam Member fabittar

This game is the most unique entry in the space sim genre Iíve seen in years. If you even think you might be interested, you have to check it out. - Timothy Cross, GameTopius Review

As far as open and seamless gameplay goes this the first Space sim Iíve played that has this. That and all the options and customization is something I havenít seen in a space flight game at all... For bang for your buck enjoyment, you get miles out of this game... A deliciously cheap and well crafted Space Sim where the sky is not the limit. - Ashe Collins, Diehard GameFAN Review

... throughout this last decade a one-man company has been working on a game so rich in features and ambition that its only serious competitor historically is Frontier: Elite II... So hereís the twist with Evochron: not only is it epic in scope and features... but itís fun. - rwh, GameArena Review

I just got finished with my first glimpse of Evochron mercenary, and after I pull my jaw up off the floor, I'll be able to tell you how amazing this game is... This is probably the best game I've ever laid eyes on, and I can't wait until I get a better rig to run this at full Q. Just exploring this entire universe is gonna take literal days of my time...I can't wait to see what all is in store for me. Again, I want to say thank you for creating one of the best games out there, and I will DEFINITELY be recommending this game to all my space-faring buddies. - Tyler

I've been searching for awhile for an open-universe spaceflight sim with that "just right" combination of features, and Evochron Mercenary may be it. My favorite feature is easily the ability to fly straight down to a planet's surface without any loading screens - that's something I haven't seen since Elite II in the mid-90s. The ships are fun to fly, the ability to switch between inertial and inertialess flight systems is really nice, there is a wide range of jobs you can take on, and the universe is pretty much the limit. A great game. Well worth the money. - jayblalock

I'm completely new to the Evochron games (Mercenary comes from a lineage...) and my review runs like this in a nutshell: I'm having a blast. I can't review Evochron Mercenary very well for folks who know the franchise better than I do and have been playing this line of games before, but I can pass on to you with fresh eyes that this one's a bit like playing X3 but with a rougher, gorgeously fresher edge. We can move seamlessly from space to planetside - love it. Gravity changes as you hurtle around and towards planets. Combat has a visceral feel and invites you to exploit the fuller newtonian model. And a continuous universe that doesn't break things up with jumpgates - feels like a real space game :) - Kabli

... I felt in love with this game. It's just a mix of all good points made from Freelancer about ship customization, X3 for freeness and economy system, and some other games about clan systems, mining, ... All those points mixed and made on their top quality. If you love freedom in space-sim games, buy Evochron Mercenary! - 'DarkGhost'

This game is sure amazing! This is a bit like X3, Elite 2, and IWAR put together... the space environment in it is the best I've ever seen. - 'TheGrunt'

I've only been playing the demo for about 30 min but I am amazed at the details. The cities, water and terrain are beautiful and I like the fulcrum drive effects--the acceleration to above 5000 then the blue flash. I am looking forward to even more exploration as soon as I can get enough [credits] to upgrade my fulcrum drive. - Sean

... this is the first game I can call a spacesim! It's great.. planet to planet.. the endless world the endless options.. the great graphics etc.. you get sucked in and you know it's the real first spacesim one can call a spacesim!!! This game is great!!! I'm happy with every euro spent. This one I will be enjoying for years to come. - 'grhluna'

I am a part time gamer and still relatively new to the Evochron Universe but back in the day I played the Wing Commander series for hours upon hours. Privateer was my favorite and Mercenaries/Legends are the only games that even comes close to it, in fact, they're better than Privateer in many ways. The best thing about these sims is that I can come back weeks later, just play, and have fun unlike X2/X3 where I completely lose track of where I was. I am a programmer myself (application) and still in awe over what one man has accomplished here. The Evochron series will entertain for years to come and at a price that just can't be beat. - 'oritpro'

Thank you very much for producing these games, not just for the technical flair in programming them but for the immersive nature of the Evochron universe, for the sheer breadth and depth of detail both in terms of the graphics, but the things to do and find and solve. Evochron has more relevant high res detail than many games include as mere eye-candy! - Dave

I have only had the registered game a day but ow [sic] have I missed this series! It is supplying all I have missed in this genre...thank you, thank you, thank you *cries emotionally (but manfully)* - Arthur

Still amazed at this game. Still amazed at its beauty and gameplay. Still can't believe it only took up less than 50 megs of my HD space. Glad about that because it will be on my HD for a long time. Best money I spent in a long time too, and I haven't even tried online yet. -'paintbrush'

I just bought it and already I'm in love. It pretty much sorts out every complaint I have about every other current space-sim... Not too much micromanagement, but enough to keep it interesting (none of it seems pointless); it has that lovely open-space feeling that forced jumpgates ruin; the physics make combat much more interesting, the fuel usage makes flight much more strategic; the way navigation and jumps work makes me feel as though it's a skill that needs mastering; I love that it's not just a progression to more and more powerful ships that are better in every way; I dig being able to customize my ship's appearance; real planets- 'nuff said; all of the non-trading/fighting stuff to do for when I need to relax with a slower pace; graphics are very tasteful and beautiful without being so fancy as to require ridiculous hardware... okay, this is going to take too long listing everything... I pretty much like everything about it. Probably almost the best, if not the best, $25 I've ever spent on a computer game... -'Mechanical'

Oh, and I thought I'd add that your game is fantastic. I'd never even heard of it before until I stumbled upon it at random yesterday. It really is the successor to elite. Most of the other new space sims are way to complicated (X3, Universal Combat etc) and more work than fun. Your game hits the perfect balance of depth and playability. You should seriously advertise it more. I would have bought this game the second it hit the shelves, and I only found it through luck and some obscure link. It is very well done indeed. Thanks!

... what I love about this game, is that the graphics are really very nice, and I am so thrilled at the things one can do in the game. I have never seen a space sim that allowed the pilot to navigate to a planet, enter the atmosphere, and land there. Really very cool. I have to say, that this game is by far the best I have seen in a long time, and satisfies my desire for a great "first person" space sim. -Steven

We'd been looking for a game that went beyond what titles like Freelancer, FreeSpace, or the spin offs from the Elite Series could bring for us in terms of game play... and feel that Evochron Renegades pretty much hits the nail on the proverbial head. Truly amazing! -Greg

I must say that ER is one of those games that has proven to provide a lot of long-term playability value, and this is something I take seriously. You can play some games, and once you've completed them, you know that you're always going to have the same experience again, so there is no incentive to play them again. Not so with ER. This is especially surprising considering the small size of the download. With the possibility of finding hidden systems, there's always something to do. -Nigel

This game is simply amazing! I have long been looking for a space sim that has the feel that this one has. You've turned out a product that surpasses the expectations I have for large developers with major funding! -'SpellJammer'

What is [Evochron]? Imagine the original Elite game updated to state-of-the-art graphics and video, and you'll get the idea. While significantly different in it's approach, Elite fans will feel right at home playing it. It also uses Newtonian physics, but with much more responsive controls, as well as an afterburner, to quickly setup an attack approach on the bad guys. Anyway, I'm announcing this game because it is really a game that Elite fans would love to play. I've played many versions of Elite, and [Evochron] brings back a lot of Elite memories. -George

I am very pleased to see that you're taking up where some of the best merchantile space sims left off (Privateer, etc.)... -Rob

Thanks for such an awesome game!! -Josh

Thank you for a sensible space sim. Have spent all afternoon mining platinum and drinking brandy. -Anthony

I've actually exclaimed ďWow!Ē while playing it on a number of occasions just from the views I've got in orbit. These kinds of scenes coupled with outstanding features like the seamless space to planet surface transitions cannot ever be readily conveyed with screenshots... -Mike L.

I was thrilled to find a friend of mine in the Evochron community who also used to play a lot of Elite. I can tell this game appeals to those who played a lot of that game. And now I can fly with my friend in multiplayer, something I could never do in the old game. -PQ

I have to say that this is the BEST Space Sim I have EVER played. And I've played all the classics (my favorite genre is freeform space sim, but I've also played scripted military-type sims). X-BTF and X-Tension have the element of player owned property, but those games don't even come close in terms of sheer enjoyability. -'Storm'

I just wanted to tell you personally how much I am enjoying this game! I play it every day, two or three times a day. I quit when my arm gets tired and yet, I can't wait to get back. This is the best game you have ever done, and I don't even like trading games as a rule. At least, not until now. -Mike M.

I loved the challenge of Evochron as it gave me a sense of accomplishment more than anything I've done before in a game. If you think you can just pick this game up and play it, think again. Invest time and you will be rewarded. - TheLynchMobber

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