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October 1st, 2010
Version 1.298 is ready for download. This update adds the following:

- Control check bypass option added (resolves some issues on certain Alienware systems).
- Potential bug causing excessive blank station fees fixed (game will automatically fix at next save).

To activate the control check bypass option, create a text file in the game's installation folder named nocontrolcheck.txt and save the file. The game will no longer run an automatic scan of connected control devices when launching, which resolves a potential crash issue on some Alienware systems. The updated server program is also available in the downloads section.

May 20th, 2010
Version 1.288 is ready for download. This update adds the following:

- Improved update version compatibility checking system.
- Ship-to-ship multiplayer trading system expanded to support more simultaneous players.
- Players can now map the 1-9, 0, -, +, and Back Space keys to other functions.
- Excalibur missile pack no longer disappears after a save during recharge.
- MDTS retains its setting better when switching views.
- Missile hardpoint limits for AI ships recalibrated.
- Oxygen prices reduced significantly.

The updated server program is also available in the downloads section.

April 2nd, 2010
Version 1.228 is ready for download. This update adds the following:

- Custom wing scaling now more precisely aligned in multiplayer.
- Weapon fire control disabled for mouse button when using the close button in the corner of a console.
- Cargo indicator on HUD properly updates when one cargo container is retrieved and others remain.
- Player is now notified if they lack a required mining device for a selected contract.
- RiftSpace station fees no longer applied after item retrieval from hidden system.
- Missile lock bracket now rotates when using TrackIR or cockpit view controls.
- MDTS retains its setting through initial use of fly-by and cinematic views.

The updated server program is also available in the downloads section.

February 5th, 2010
Version 1.208 is ready for download. This update adds the following:

- Reliability of 'intel' for missions and contracts involving capital ships increased.
- Sector coordinates now auto-lock along with local coordinates when accepting contracts.
- Cockpit gauge textures can now update with each change in ship class for custom cockpits.
- Control system updated for more variation with the Medium and Low sensitivity settings.
- Blackhole effect calibrated for accuracy with a wider range of framerates.
- Rate of fuel loss during ship-to-ship transfer in multiplayer set to zero.
- MDTS firing mode now retains its setting through various view modes.
- All sound channels now properly update for volume changes in-game.

Today is the one year anniversary of the launch of Evochron Legends. Thank you to those of you who have been part of the community over the past year and for your feedback, requests, and suggestions. Also, you may have noticed that the game's website has moved to the starwraith.com domain. All SW3DG titles and their websites are being relocated to the new server, although the original sites will continue to remain available for the time being for anyone using older links.

Decembter 4th, 2009
Version 1.188 is ready for download. This update adds the following:

- Players can now deliver cargo from only one bay to a transport for delivery contracts.
- Custom ship frames can now have a dedicated texture applied separate from the global texture set.
- Control axis invert options are now device bound and not just axis bound for improved multiple device support.
- Auto-kicking system updated for certain in-game actions that could, on rare occasion, cause a player to be dropped.
- Improved support for swapping pilot profiles between in-game and main menu.
- Additional notifications and event information for the server program.
- Physics system updated to better manage high speed limits.

To deliver cargo from only one bay to a waiting transport, simply click on the cargo bay you want once in range.

The new custom texture options are 'frameX.jpg' for the base frame texture and 'framecomponentX.jpg' for the component texture (which is optional, if none is specified, then the default texture will be used for components). These custom texture options are visible using the external 3rd person view modes.

The updated customizing kit is also available for download.

October 15th, 2009
Version 1.158 is ready for download. This update adds the following:

- Control-V paste from clipboard option added to pilot callsign entry screen.
- Updated character check for pilot callsign entry screen to prevent error 7 message when using invalid characters.
- Custom menu music option now available in main menu (without having to manually enable in the Options menu).
- Improved internet IP address retrieval for hosting multiplayer sessions (now automatically enters value).
- AI ship cargo inventory system updated for more accurate quantities/capacities and item sorting.
- Console access now faster on systems with lower framerates.
- Option for custom atmosphere shield objects added.
- Option to consolidate commodity cargo added.
- Additional integrity protection systems.
- Several minor bug fixes.

To consolidate commodity cargo, dock at a station or city and use the ALT key with either the left or right mouse button. Left click to combine matching commodities up to the limit of 25 per cargo bay. Right click to transfer one unit at a time.

September 10th, 2009
Version 1.128 is ready for download. This update adds the following:

- New in-cockpit mouse view control mode (default F10 key).
- Universe data file system updated to better manage custom folder installations.
- Object and weapon impact shake effect improved for more realism and consistency independent of framerate.
- Custom cockpit system updated to manage frame specific cockpits in-game when entering/exiting the shipyard.
- Custom universe object system updated to prevent details from showing in sector 0,0,0 incorrectly.
- Improved nebulae range and activation system to better accommodate distant sector locations.
- Scenery object definition layer scaling after sector-to-sector jumps updated for accuracy.
- Improved message delivery for private messages sent while host player is exploding.
- Detonation range of proximity mines reduced to 1000, increasing potential damage.
- Potential lag occuring briefly when a player exits the game in multiplayer fixed.
- F11 and F12 added to key mapping description list and configuration menu.
- Fuel costs for higher earned skill ratings reduced and capped.
- Fuel generators now provide 20% more per cycle.
- Several minor bug fixes.

Due to the added key and button input functions for the mouse view control mode, the keyboard configuration file needs to be updated. If you update to this build from version 1.058 or newer, the game will take care of the updating process for you automatically. If you update to this build from version 1.048 or older, you will need to delete the keymap8.sw file from the game's save data folder (default \sw3dg\EvochronLegends) before launching the game. The game will then rebuild the file and you'll need to remap any custom keyboard and/or button controls in the 'Configure Controls' menu.

This update has focused on a lot of 'under the hood' improvements. Several players have been working on mods for the game and ran into some limitations with certain customizing options. This build helps resolve those limits, includes some minor fixes, and adds some new functionality.

July 10th, 2009
Version 1.108 is ready for download. This update adds the following:

- New warp tunnel textures for jump drives and gates.
- New 3rd person view added, current target perspective.
- Autopilot now automatically controls jump drive for long range/deep space travel.
- Custom city object system now supports separate custom textures (rather than being linked to ships).
- Stations without names will now display their ID number rather than no data when hangar fees are paid.
- Higher frequency of mission participation from Alliance military spacecraft in war zones.
- Separate custom cities can now also be included for each planet in the game.
- Issue with an error message while changing music setting in-game fixed.
- Fix for the mouse-over display showing the wrong planet economy type.
- Multiple cargo object entities (container sets) per sector now supported.
- HUD highlight brackets added for cargo containers not being scanned.
- Version value and check routine added to universe data file system.
- Engine exhaust effect updated for a more centralized appearance.
- Fuel burn rate better calibrated (overall lower burn rate).
- Fix for custom planet textures not loading correctly.
- Planet positions in several systems updated.

The new target 3rd person view offers the same camera controls as the player view mode does, including zoom in/out and panning up/down/left/right. Simply press the default V key three times to access the new view mode. You can also change targets while in this mode.

To update your profile for station ID listing (if you are renting a hangar from a station without a name), simply clear the hangar, exit back to your ship, then restock it and save.

The customizing kit is now complete and officialy available, visit the downloads section to check it out.

June 12th, 2009
The official strategy guide is available online! The first section offers tips for new players just getting started in the game while the second section provides information on ships, components, weapons, crew members, solar systems, ship systems, and other details. Sections 3-5 offer advanced tactics for combat, business strategies, quest walkthroughs, and hidden locations/benefits. You can view the strategy guide here.

The newsletter for June is also available and offers quick links to many of the mods recently released for the game, including many new custom cockpits. The newsletter can be viewed here.

May 22nd, 2009
Version 1.098 is ready for download. This update adds the following:

- Spy missions have been added to war zones.
- Escort missions have been added to war zones.
- Date and time are now part of pilot profile stats.
- Audio options are now available in the in-game exit menu.
- New civilian and military ranks, including several new higher ranks.
- Some particle cannon textures changed and updated for appearance and scaling.
- Updates to the modification system for better capital ship and small ship support.
- High radiation nebulae (class 7) can now prevent missile locks, limiting weapons to cannons and beams only while inside.
- You can now terminate a contract link before a waypoint is activated without forcing a failure on other linked players.
- 'Legend' rank removes docking fees, 'Legend' and 'Fleet Admiral' ranks increase crew loyalty faster.
- Contract links are now protected from interruption until the objective is completed or failed.
- Civilian rank insignia now also displayed in the pilot manager and news console.
- Removed hangar collision bypass when the nav or trade console is open.
- Bug fix for station hangars lacking names when fees are paid.
- Bug fix for invalid contracts offered at hidden planets.
- New visual mouse controls for messaging system.
- Support for custom quadrant maps added.
- Hangar fees reduced by 50%.

The customizing kit is available in preview form, visit the downloads section to check it out. The strategy guide should officially launch sometime in the next few weeks.

April 17th, 2009
Version 1.088 is ready for download. This update adds the following:

- New 'War Zone' added to upper Sierra solar system.
- Race course boxes for ship-vs-ship races doubled in size.
- Message text better highlighted and moved for improved legibility.
- Positioning options added to cusomizing kit for message text system.
- Support for rear and above camera views added when TrackIR is enabled.
- Repair costs are now included in ship trade-in values (instead of damage transfer).
- Default joystick deadzone increased to better accommodate less precise devices.
- Support for multiple texture images added for background nebulae option.
- New command line option added to directly launch the multiplayer menu.
- New reward to discover at the end of the 'Arvoch Artifact' beacon quest.
- Support for using custom cockpits for each ship frame type added.
- 'Cinematic' style shaky camera view option added (default Alt-\).
- Ice accumulation effect on cockpit glass reduced.
- Wider range of movement available for TrackIR.
- Improved planetary atmosphere haze.
- Improvements to AI combat tactics.
- Several minor bug fixes.

The customizing kit and strategy guide are nearly finished and should be available soon. The new multiplayer command line option is '-mp'. You can also use '-mpX' where X is a number from 0 to 7 for the profile you want to automatically load.

Also, forum member 'warsign' has released a new custom cockpit for the game entitled 'Evoch V'. Visit his forum thread here to view images and download the needed files. 'Karin' has also put together a video showing the cockpit in use with TrackIR, it can be viewed on YouTube here.

March 20th, 2009
Version 1.058 is ready for download. This update adds the following:

- Ship template system added, ship designs can now be saved and retrieved later.
- Station hangars added, allowing players to store ships and cargo in private hangars.
- Players can now scroll the nav map sector by sector while zoomed in using new arrow buttons.
- Support for multiple control devices added (up to 10 separate devices are supported).
- Legacy texture option added to better support laptops with integrated video systems.
- Clan/squad ship locations are now displayed on the nav map in multiplayer.
- You can now disable automatic inventory console activation when docking.
- Smoother movement for left/right panning view control.
- Control of player proximity added to server program.
- Ability to link to multiple clan/squad groups added.
- Planet rings are now rendered with higher quality.
- Background star detail and variety improved.
- Docking lights added to warp gates.
- Multiplayer performance improved.
- Patrol waypoint limits increased.
- Faster loading sequence.
- Minor bug fixes.

The game now supports Saitek rudder pedals along with many other secondary control devices. The instructions included with the game provide information on the new control options in addition to the new gameplay options. Also, I plan to offer one or more training flights for new players interested in trying out multiplayer and who may have questions about gameplay or options. An announcement will be posted in advance and players who subscribe to the multiplayer notification thread will receive an e-mail when the announcement is posted. Details are available in the forum at this link: http://www.starwraith.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=4389

Note: When you update to this build, you will likely need to reconfigure your control device using the new system.

February 20th, 2009
The first update to the game is ready for download, version 1.028. This update adds the following:

- Auto-level system now activates when hovering over a city.
- Panning view control with joystick HAT input enabled for cockpit view.
- Fuel consumption no longer occurs while hovering over city docking stations.
- Military service record credit is now updated for all war zone docking locations.
- Pressing the B key with the maplog open no longer turns off the tractor beam when locked.
- Hostile ship numbers and frequency of encounters significantly reduced for 'Fair' and 'Moderate' systems.
- Multiplayer message text now a different intensity than system text (also moddable for different colors).
- Updated multiplayer system to eliminate long delay lag issues on servers with a lot of players.
- Nav map now displays the distance to the selected navigation waypoint and jump drive range.
- Nav map now supports zooming in on sectors offset from player's current SY sector position.
- Nav map now offers a 'mouse over' mode that displays an icon's details in a pop up window.
- 'Set Loc' nav map option now includes sector coordinates in addition to local coordinates.
- Cooperative contract links are now locked until unlocked manually by linked players.
- Installer now fills in the 'start in' value properly for the start menu icon.
- Waypoints for coop patrols now more accurate among linked players.
- Problem with saving a profile while transporting a passenger fixed.
- Fuel recovery rate accelerated for fuel converter devices.
- Tractor beam sound stops if player is destroyed.
- Private hosting mode added to server program.
- Anti-gravity snow condition on Glacia corrected.
- Stability issue when approaching Maroon fixed.
- Stability issue when approaching Pluto fixed.
- Exit game option added to Pilot Manager.

Thanks to all of you who have been making online gameplay so exciting lately. From coop missions to PvP, exploring to trade runs, even intersteller rescue missions for players lost in deep space, it's fantastic to see the game being played in so many different ways as that's what it's designed to provide. The multiplayer improvements in this build should help improve performance on servers with more players. The nav map has also been updated to reduce text clutter by using a new mouse pointer highlight system. Simply hold the pointer over an icon when zoomed in on a sector to view details about it with a much larger font.

February 5th, 2009
Evochron Legends is now available! The free demo is available in the Downloads section.

January 28th, 2009
The final tests have been completed and the game is set to launch soon. Watch this section for the launch announcement. A few new screenshots have been posted, two of which show the new explosion effects. Forum member BraveHart has also posted a related screenshot in this thread. Two 1680X1050 resolution wallpapers are also now available in the Media section.

January 18th, 2009
The promotional trailer for the game is available in the Media section. The video shows some gameplay footage including several new ships, stations, planet surfaces, and special effects. A YouTube version is also available, although its quality is quite a bit lower. The game is now in the final stages of testing and is on schedule for release by early February.

January 10th, 2009
Evochron Legends has entered release candidate testing and is on track for a launch by the end of the month or early February. Thanks to all of you who helped beta test the game!

December 18th, 2008
The official Evochron Legends website has launched! The game is currently in beta testing and is scheduled for release next month.

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