Ordering from StarWraith 3D Games

There is a lot of concern these days about ordering online. Privacy concerns and security are top priorities at StarWraith 3D Games and I strive to provide you with the same protection I would want myself. I have been selling my games online for several years and am determined to help make your online purchasing experience as safe and secure as possible. Here are some important details about ordering from SW3D Games:

- Your private information is NOT sold or given to anyone else. This includes the mailing list, regardless of whether you buy a game or not.

- For online orders, SW3DG uses secure Verisign certified ShareIt (Element5) services or PayPal only. This helps provide a secure way for your order to be quickly processed online with proven technology and expert experience.

- I have been selling games online for over a decade and have been publishing partners with ShareIt the entire time. My experience in selling PC games online is combined with a long track record with a proven online ordering service.

- I strive to provide excellent customer support and answer e-mails quickly. When you contact SW3DG, you get direct support from the developer of these games. Since SW3DG is too small to have a customer service department, I provide the support myself. This means you can get in touch directly with the person who can make changes and answer questions accurately and quickly.

If I can help make your online shopping experience easier or if you have questions, I welcome your . Thank you for visiting SW3DG and I hope you enjoy the games offered here.

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